1 Baker 11 slams into#D6BF2
1 Baker 11 slams into#D6BF2.jpg
11. Long shot of firs#D6BF0
11. Long shot of firs#D6BF0.jpg
11. pace with fast cars
11. pace with fast cars.jpg
13. Pace checking out Manta
13. Pace checking out Manta.jpg
14. Showing his cars
14. Showing his cars.jpg
4. Claws Grabs Challenger
4. Claws Grabs Challenger.jpg
6. Burn baby Burn
6. Burn baby Burn.jpg
9. Eleanor
9. Eleanor.jpg
9. Two Wheel Willie slides
9. Two Wheel Willie slides.jpg
Big Jump Eleanor comes down
Big Jump Eleanor comes down.jpg
Big Jump Eleanor is i#D6BF4
Big Jump Eleanor is i#D6BF4.jpg
Cop car smashes into #D6BF5
Cop car smashes into #D6BF5.jpg
Crashed cop car
Crashed cop car.jpg
Crew shoots Eleanor a#D6BFC
Crew shoots Eleanor a#D6BFC.jpg
Crew shoots Eleanor r#D6BFD
Crew shoots Eleanor r#D6BFD.jpg
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