The collection was Toby's private Oasis. 
His prized and loved his collection of toys and cars.

"The Car Collection"
Toby Halicki had Gas and Oil in his veins, his love for cars was overwhelming. He started his Car Collection at the age of 16, winning Auto Show Trophies. This is some of his Car Collection.Inside his building the size of a football field his collection ranged from Vintage Automobiles from the 1920's to the Cool Custom Low-Riders and into the Exotic Ferraris.

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"Toy Collection"
Here's a look as if you were walking into "Toby's Toy Museum". In the next months you will be able to gasp in awe at pictures from Toby's model car room and giant train station room. A hidden room was also filled with collectible guns. The main room was wall to wall with memorabliia from DISNEY, Coca Cola, movie memorabilia, ray guns, Little Big Books, hub caps, Motorcycles, and neon signs.
It's every-kids-dream.
Toby Halicki was Classified as the owner of the "World Largest Antique toy and automoblie collection" consisting of over 100,000 items. Toby hand picked every toy, car and piece in the building.... Keep coming back as we walk you through the collection... tell a friend.

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