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Michael Leone

Michael enjoys working with all the Licensing of the Gone in 60 Seconds and Eleanor Brands and Franchise. His expertise in branding, marketing, strategy along with his passion in the automobile and the entertainment business has helped to build, cultivate and expand new business opportunities and increase licensing worldwide.

Michael’s proud to have worked alongside the team of attorneys to forge new copyright laws in Denice Halicki’s and Eleanor’s WIN, in the Ninth Circuit 2008 Ruling, with a Published Opinion by Judge Miner… setting new copyright law protection for car character’s look/image as they appear in their movies, television and comic books against infringers. Which helped the Batmobile’s look/image to be copyright protected against counterfeit infringers in its 2015 Ninth Circuit Ruling WIN, with a Published Opinion by Judge Sandra S. Ikuta… where she quotes from 1966 Batman TV Series: As Batman so sagely told Robin, “In our well-ordered society, protection of private property is essential,”

Michael has been building custom cars, motorcycles and designing them since he was 16 years old. For the 2000 Gone in 60 Seconds, movie Michael with SPS built the Stunt Porsche “Tina” the first boosted car by Kip Raines (Giovanni Ribisi) and Mirror Man (TJ Cross) in the Movie. “Tina” was then given to Denice for her car collection.

Michael through Denice met her longtime friend Lee Iacocca “Father of the Mustang” and under the helm of Michael Leone Designs and I Legacy, created and designed the IACOCCA Silver 45th Anniversary Fastback Mustang to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Mustang. The “I Legacy” company was a collaborative effort with Michael Leone and Lee Iacocca. Michael got the blessing of the Ford Motor Company, and they sold the IACOCCA Silver 45th Anniversary Fastback Mustang through the Ford Dealerships with full warranty. There are only 45 of these special iconic cars in the whole world.

Steve Davis from Barrett Jackson asked Michael to bring one of the 45 “Iacocca Fastbacks” to be auctioned off in Las Vegas. Michael says… “it was a great success an amazing night”!

At www.ilegacy.com you can watch the IACOCCA being auction off for $352,000.00. Even Frank Sinatra’s family got involved, with Frank singing “Fly me Over the Moon” in the 2-minute commercial movie that we had a great time creating and producing.

Michael other passion is in the Entertainment Business. He’s acted in numerous movies, including “Hero at Large”, “VALS” and “Payback.” Michael played Pete Jannings on “Days of our Lives” for years. He guest starred on the TV series “Happy Days”, “Chips”, “Semi-Tough”, “Lou Grant” “240-Robert” and a recurring guest star on “Hill Street Blues.” He enjoyed hosting the Television show “Video Game Preview.”

Michael started writing and producing. He created and partnered with “Soap Opera Magazine” to produce “Inside Soaps” a syndicated weekly television show on the behind the scenes and inside scoop with the Celebrities that star on the Nighttime and Daytime shows.

Michael started working with Denice Shakarian Halicki and her company’s “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “Halicki Films”, “Gone in 60 Seconds Motorsports” and “Eleanor Licensing.”

Michael says… “It’s the best of both the Automobile and Entertainment worlds. Today, we are building Eleanor Mustangs with 500hp and even up750hp for the fans. We are creating new Gone in 60 Seconds vehicles to bring to the fans and public. I’m excited that we’re developing new products whether it’s new video games, new television series and the new movie in house and or with co-production partners, along with licensing partners throughout the world.”

Michael is looking to the future by expanding brand new additional licensing and partnerships in the Entertainment Business and expanding the product lines with New Automotive Vehicles and associated merchandise.

“Every day is a new idea day” …. Michael

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