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Gone in 60 Seconds 2000 Credits

“Ice Code” and “Hot Wired”

Released June 9, 2009 by Buena Vista Pictures

#1 domestic weekend box-office $25,336,048 Box Office Total $237,202,299 worldwide.


Director by   

Dominic Sena

Written by    

Scott Rosenberg / H.B. ‘Toby” Halicki (1974 Original Film)

Produced by  

Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Stenson

Executive Produced by        

Denice Halicki, Jonathan Hensleigh


Nicolas Cage                                       Randall “Memphis” Raines

Angelina Jolie                                      Sara “Sway” Wayland

Giovanni Ribisi                                   “Kip” Raines

Robert Duvall                                     Otto Halliwell

Eleanor                                                “Star Car Character” ‘67 Mustang

Will Patton                                          Atley Jackson

Delroy Lindo                                      Detective Castlebeck “1-Baker 11”

Timothy Olyphant                             Detective Drycoff “1-Baker 11”

Chi McBride                                       Donny Astricky

Vinnie Jones                                        “Sphinx”

Scott Caan                                           “Tumbler”

T.J. Cross                                           “Mirror Man”

William Lee Scott                                Toby

James Duval                                        “Freb”

Master P                                             Johnny B

Christopher Eccleston                     “The Carpenter” Calitri

Trevor Goddard                                  Don

Harry Van Gorkum                             Forge

Dan Hilebrand                                     Saul

Stephen Shellen                                   Ferrari Car Salesman

Bodhi Elfman                                      “Fuzzy” Frizzel

Arye Gross                                         James Lakewood

Jamie Bergman                                    Blonde Passenger in Drag Race

Michael Owen                                                Driver in Drag Race

France Fisher                                      Junie Halliwell

Grace Zabriskie                                   Helen Raines

Jesse Corti                                          Cop (at Quality Café)

Jenny                                                  Grace Una

Michael Pena                                      Ignacio (Lowriders)

Jaun Pina                                             Gang banger #2 (Lowriders)

Alexandra Balahoutis                          DMV Clerk

King Alexander                                   Dude At Bar

Rainbow Borden                                 Car Jacker #1

Victor Manni                                      Worker

Sanjay Pandya                                    Glass House Guy

Doria Anselmo                                    Glass House Girl

Lois Hall                                             Old Woman

Dean Rader Duval                               Hype

C.J. Picerni                                          Go Cart Kid

Kevin West                                         Intern 1

Kevin Weisman                                   Intern 2

Scott Rosenberg                                  Private Doctor

Anthony Boswell                               Buddy

Billy Devlin                                        Detective Jurgens

Carmen Argenziano                            Detective Mayhew

Greg Collins                                        San Pedro Cop

Cosimo Fusco                                     Adjacent Mechanic

Eddie Mui                                           Billy Moony

Joseph Patrick Kelly                          Snake G.R.A.B.

Steve Danton                                      G.R.A.B. officer #2

Scott Burkholder                                 Rent a Cop

Margaret Kontra Palmer                     Televangelist Wife

Charlene Bloom                                  Swimming Girl

Billy “Sly” Williams                           Cop

Alex Walter                                         Fireman

Lombardo Boyar                                 Paramedic

Angela Tassoni                                   Accident Victim

Tyler Patton                                       Security Guard

Tim Dezarn                                         Shotgun Guy

John Carroll Lynch                             Impound Manager

Doug Bennett                                      Wrecker Driver “Mel”

Bob Sattler                                          C.H.P.


“A Special Thank You” for his invaluable contribution to this film Michael Lynton

Director of Photography                    Paul Cameron

Production Design                              Jeff Mann

Costume Designer                               Marlene Stewart

Edited by                                            Tom Muldoon,

Chris Lebenzon

Executive Produced                             Chad Oman,

Barry Waldman

Robert Stone

Associate Produced                            Aris McGarry

Pat Sandston

Music                                                  Trevor Rabin

Music Supervisor                               Kathy Nelson

Bob Badami

Casting                                                Victoria Thomas

Unit Production Manager                   Barry Waldman

First Assistant Director                      Steve Danton

Second Assistant Director                  David Venghaus Jr

Second Unit Director/

Director of Photography                    Philip C. Pfeiffer

Film Editor                                          Roger Barton

Visual Effects Supervisor                   Boyd Shermis

Production Supervisor                                    Diane L. Sabatini


Stunt Coordinator                               Chuck Picerni Jr

Co-Stunt Coordinator                         Johnny Martin


Stunt Double “Memphis”                  Eddie Yansick

Stunt Double “Castlebeck”                 Alan Oliney

Stunt Double “Calitri”                                    Steve Blalock

Stunt Double “Drycoff”                     Erick Rondell

Stunt Double “Johnny B                    Eugen Collier



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