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Gone in 60 Seconds (1989)

 Film Synopsis

GONE IN 60 SECONDS (1989) stars, H.B. ‘Toby’ Halicki, Denice Halicki. Written and directed by H.B. ‘Toby’ Halicki. Produced by H.B. ‘Toby’ Halicki and Denice Halicki Filming started in 1989, with over 400 cars at his deposal, along with all the help of the Law Enforcement.


THE ASSIGNMENT: International Thieves; Colt (H.B. HALICKI) and Alaska (Denice Halicki) mission is to find out who killed Malcom Mitchell!

THE CHALLENGE: They both must stay alive to pull this mission off.

EVEN IF IT’S LOCKED: If these two want it… Its’ going to be gone in 60 seconds.


On DVD for the first time, you’ll be able to see the last unfinished film from one of the greatest car-chase filmmakers “H.B. “Toby” Halicki” that ever lived, who loved to chase, wreck and destroy anything on four wheels. He bought over 400 cars to devour. It’s a couple of the most amazing car crash chases ever filmed!

The footage on the DVD – Is Colt (Halicki) on the run from the killers and the police… He boosts a Semi Tractor-Trailer and destroys half the city… the other half is destroyed by the ‘Slicer’ (a custom-built wedge car) the “SLICER” – can flip any truck or car in it’s speeding path! You’ll see why they nick named Halicki “The Car-Crash- King”. You won’t believe your eyes – you’ll watch it again and again… the action never stops!

Toby convinced Denice to come in and help run his companies. Denice would handle the accounting, billing, including the licensing contracts of Halicki’s films.

In 1987 Toby wanted to do another car movie, clearly, he knows cars and stunts. Denice agreed as long as Toby wasn’t going to do any dangerous stunts. She insisted that he hire more stuntmen and take the load off of him. So, Toby started outlining a draft about a International Thief and Alaska Wells (Denice) Computer Guru/Thief. Toby wanted to “re-tool” his Gone in 60 Seconds, with all new characters, new plot and a new storyline.

In one of the draft it reads:

The car is roaring down the highway, passing other cars, motorcycles, crowded walkways, etc. The title INTERNATIONAL: GONE IN 60 SECONDS, appears as seen through the windshield, superimposed on sky. ROLL CREDITS over shots of Jakarta.

By 1988 Halicki and Denice had a full script outlining the new Gone in 60 Seconds. They went back and forth over the new Title name (a) Gone in 60 Seconds 1990 (b) Gone in 60 Seconds II (c) International: Gone in 60 Seconds (d) Gone in 60 seconds… says Denice Halicki.
Toby sent letters to their US sales and foreign buyers that he was filming a NEW “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Some of the locations were Jakarta, Budapest, Monte Carlo, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, London, California and New York… states Denice.

In 1989, Toby and Denice Halicki started filming. Toby went to New York to film the car chases and the hard-core stunts first. Toby went back to his roots, where he grew up to film the 30-minute chase scene using a Semi Tractor-Trailer and his special built “SLICER” (a custom-built wedge car) that can flip any car in its way without any CGI. Halicki bought over 400 hundred cars for these chase scenes shot in New York. He would repaint them so he would have different law enforcement (Local Police, Sheriffs and CHP) chasing Colt.

1989 Gone in 60 Seconds Chase Scene:
Please enjoy Toby Halicki’s hair-raising non-stop chase scenes from his 1989 Gone in 60 Seconds.

Legacy Lives On:
Even today, his legacy lives on, the “SLICER” (a custom-built wedge car) that can flip any car in its way without any CGI. Just recently, The FAST and FURIOUS 6 Movie, incorporated Toby’s idea/creation, to add a “Slicer” type vehicle in their car-chase scenes to flip cars and get away.

The “SLICER” is in Denice’s collection still today, the “SLICER” appears in the DVD
Intro of Gone in 60 Seconds with Denice Halicki.

Remember this is Grand-Theft Entertainment in movies. So, don’t steal anyone’s car or property!

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